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VsTank Pro Infrared Series - Diorama - Accessories - Metal Figures - and much much more


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VsTank Infrared Pop-Up Target

Sandbag Walls

Sandbag Wall & Gun Set


US Abrams and German Leopard Individual Linked Treads

US Abrams and Germand Leopard2 Soft Rubber Treads

Tiger Oil Drum and Can Accessory Set



VSPro 1/24th Scale Infrared 2.4 GHz Battle Tanks   

Russian T-72M1
Olive Green Camouflage

Tiger I Mid Prod.
Winter Camouflage

US M1A2 Abrams
Desert Camouflage

JGSDF Type-90
Green Camouflage

Leopard 2A6
NATO Camouflage

King Tiger (Henscel Turret)
3-Tone Camouflage


King Tiger (Henscel Turret)
Brown Camouflage

New 2.4ghz Controller
No Arial / No Crystals



VSArmy - 1/24th Scale Battlefield Diorama   

Now in stock and ready to Ship

Details / Purchase


VSArmy - 1/24th Scale Metal Military Figures   

Now in stock and ready to Ship

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VSPro - Upgrade Parts and Accessories   

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The products sold by Backyard-Tanks represent subjects from a specific period in history. Some products contain details, equipment, uniform, insignia and/or markings that someone may find offensive. It is not our intention to glorify, nor exploit the horrors and atrocities of war.


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